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Security inside and outside

Fabric / Clerkenwell [UK] / 30 de mayo de 2022 01:00

Detalles de evento

Fecha: 30 de mayo de 2022 01:00
Ubicación: Fabric
Dirección: 77A Charterhouse St Clerkenwell UK
Teléfono: +44 20 7336 8898


El evento

We take Security very seriously.
Security is the pillar of this platform, which is why we use a double anti-ban system, one internal and one external, so we can hide the clips per second that the Riot server detects, and cause a permaban.
We also guarantee the security of your account, we think that we avoid all kinds of theft if our platform does not run until the game starts, thus leaving the client clean since our platform cleans the cache automatically and closes at the end of a game .