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UPDATE 1.1 | 11 de agosto de 2023

New: [+] Samira uses the W according to the danger of the attack she receives (it is configured in the Evade) [+] Added quickcast for Pyke [+] Added Auto Q ezreal and Soraka [+]  Added new as of ryze (choose between attack or defense).  


UPDATE 1.0 | 31 de julio de 2023

New: [+] Replaced prediction by prediction pro (more intuitive) [+] Added the use of Pyke Objects [+] Added new config for Kata (Better logic) [+]  Added a UI improvement to ensure better performance.  


UPDATE 0.9 | 15 de junio de 2023

Fixed * Pyke combo * Add best Plugin for Senna *Add best Plugin for Jinx *Improved the speed of communication between the Issuer and the server. *Eliminated the error when trying to take a screenshot *Fixed bug when entering Aram


UPDATE 0.7 / 0.8 | 2 de marzo de 2023

New: [+] Add Annie Plugin. [+] Add Vayne Plugin. [+] Add Ezreal Plugin. [+]  Add Soraka Plugin. Fixed * Eliminated the error that did not allow to change the color of the attack circle. * Added different interface languages. * Fixed Last Hit bug. * IFixed Windows 11 compatibility bug.


UPDATE 0.6 | 4 de febrero de 2023

New: [+] Add Fiddlesticks Plugin. [+] Add Jax Plugin. [+] Add Kayle Plugin. [+] Add Morgana Plugin. [+] Add Ryze Plugin. [+] Add Sion Plugin. [+] Add Sivir Plugin. [+] Add Tristana Plugin. [+] Add Warwick Plugin. [+] Add Zilean Plugin. [+] Add Tryndamere Plugin. [+] Add Karthus Plugin. Fixed […]


UPDATE 0.1 / 0.5 | 30 de enero de 2023

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Eso es todo